Repost 📷 @peacelovesanity – Coming out 🔗☝🏽 I want to introduce…

Repost 📷 @peacelovesanity – Coming out 🔗☝🏽 I want to introduce the true start of My Journey to Peace Love and Sanity.
I’ve always wanted to be an inspiration for someone or something in life. When I found YouTube in 2011 I knew it was my platform to do it. The opportunity to say something positive and rich to a lot of people.

The problem was I didn’t have a voice… Until now.
In 2017 I was diagnosed with a mental health disorder that I was not aware of and had never been treated. I started to connect the dots to my life experiences and that’s when I understood myself for the first time. It was very painful.

Looking back at all my videos I realized that my personality on camera did not feel authentic to how I felt inside.
I’m diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder which causes miserable and negative, sometimes debilitating symptoms. Borderline is a moment to moment fight with feeling unworthy, angry, distracted, distorted, fear of abandonment, and self sabotaging behavior. That is just scratching the surface. I won’t expect you to understand what I am talking about too much because I too am learning as I go.
I will say that it feels really good to know that all of these years I haven’t been alone. A lot of people suffer from mental health but don’t talk about it. It’s up to the brave to raise awareness and inspire people struggling (or not) to educate themselves.
Recovery is possible. I’m going to share how borderline affects my life and what I’m going to do about it!

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