Repost 📷 @nadiabokody Sitting in a hospital interview room…

Repost 📷 @nadiabokody

Sitting in a hospital interview room wearing my boyfriend’s oversized hoodie and a pair of 15 year-old boxer shorts I refuse to throw away, I’m about to get the biggest reality check of my life.
“It appears you have many of the traits of Borderline Personality Disorder,” a male psychiatrist informs me, barely glancing up from the clipboard he’s been furiously taking notes on for the past half hour.
The assistant sitting to his left immediately begins typing something on his laptop.
“I’m recommending a combination of medication and DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy.”
The nurse sitting to his right gives a knowing, stern nod; then everything goes mute… .
THIS was me, six months ago. Being diagnosed with BPD changed my life, for the better. Today, I attend weekly treatment at a psychiatric facility, take medication daily, and am able to recognise ‘red flags’ that signal I’m going into a downward spiral. This photo reflects my reality when I’m in the middle of a BPD episode, which still happens today (though less frequently) and can be incredibly emotionally overwhelming and distressing. I often write the word ‘STOP’ somewhere when I feel myself in the grip of my illness nowadays, and it helps remind me to pause, take a breath, and think before I act. I want you to know, I love my life… but it is definitely not all pretty pictures all the time. And, I’m okay with that. To read more of my story on living with BPD, hit the link in my bio.

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