Repost 📷 @myndsettherapy 🦁We all have mental health. Sometimes…

Repost 📷 @myndsettherapy

🦁We all have mental health. Sometimes we are in the lower end of the spectrum, sometimes in the higher end. .
🦁Mental health is a continuum. It changes throughout one’s life and we might even have consistent ups and downs for a period of time. .
🦁This means that when you are in recovery you might find yourself sliding on this scale a little bit more than you would intuitively imagine which for some people might be scary. .
🦁This is due to erroneous beliefs that either you have mental health or you don’t.. and if you are recovering from it you should be on the ‘ green stage’ all the time. .
🦁Unfortunately, This is not true. Ideally you will want to be in the first part of the continuum rather than the latter but more often then not you will fluctuate , especially if you are in recovery. .
🦁most importantly , you don’t need to have a severe mental illness to experience ups and downs in mood. We all have those and they are part of the human experience of being in the world.
🦁Remember : not every lapse is a relapse. It’s just normal for your mental health to fluctuate .

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