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Repost 📷 @makedaisychains

Socialising with people who make you feel good is a form of self care. •
What is #boringselfcare? •
For a really long time I have felt, and still feel that the way the term ‘self care’ is used on the internet alienates the people for whom struggling with self care actually affects them day to day.
Self care seems to mean, on the internet anyway, activities you only engage in as a luxury, like the classic; fancy bath bombs or buying fancy crystals. Often activities which cost money, are only nice things or only available for able bodied people. For me I think even the way ‘self care’ term is used, it insinuates you have to do it yourself, shaming an alienating those who need actual people and carers to do it for them (for what ever reason, physical, emotional and/or neuro diversity etc.) This is not my understanding as a mental health professional at all. Self care refers to all the activities we need to do day to day and the ‘self’ bit doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. I really wanted to create something which separated itself from the internet version of self care and give it a new name. I came up with ’#boringselfcare’ mostly because I was drawing all the boring things I either find difficult when unwell or can’t actually do. Again, I was never insinuating that the activities are merely just boring, sometimes they are ok, sometimes shit, sometimes simple, sometimes awful, sometimes essential….maybe I should have thought of a better name.

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