Repost 📷 @makedaisychains Note: this is an actual view during…

Repost 📷 @makedaisychains

Note: this is an actual view during my therapy. My therapist has sparkly shoes and I just stare at them throughout the appointment. 😂 .
Going to therapy, meeting with your care coordinator, mental health nurse, named nurse, social worker, psychiatrist, GP, diabetic nurse, DBT/MBT group, support worker, psychologist, OT, epilepsy nurse, speech and language therapist… any of these (and more) are so important. They are an important act of self care. Just remember that you also need to work it… “it’s works if you work it”. I am aware that sometimes there are clashes with healthcare professionals, it’s happened to me (lol my UKIP GP from childhood 😱😂). [visual description: hand drawn illustration looking down from the point of view of the person in therapy. They are looking at the floor and can only see the therapists feet. There is a red and green rug, a fire place and a brown sofa. The therapist has shoes with stars on and a leopard print dress. The border is red and it says “went to therapy”. Underneath it says “boring self care”] #boringselfcare #therapy

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