Repost 📷 @justatravelingbee Let’s talk about anxiety….

Repost 📷 @justatravelingbee

Let’s talk about anxiety.
What is anxiety❓
I realised it is not a straightforward answer. My anxiety burnt in my chest: it was a sharp pain that left me out of breath. It was a feeling of numbness in my arms and a tremor in my fingers. It was my stomach unable to eat. My back that couldn’t stay straight. My neck that felt so heavy on my shoulder. It’s a knife that cut me in a half, a pain that comes from under the skin. I thought I was going to have a heart attack more then once.
Talking to many of you (which is the reason why I keep this page open!), I realised we get affected in different ways.

But one thing affects us all in the same way: the way we have to explain it to people. How do you explain to somebody that something they can’t see it’s killing you from the inside?

I got tired of hearing ‘WHY are you anxious’ or ‘just try to calm down maybe?’. 🤦🏻 It doesn’t work this way. I saw people going around with t-shirt with ‘I have anxiety’ written on it. People that laugh about needed Xanax or other drugs.

It shouldn’t upset me, because when people do this is usually ignorance, and you can’t always blame people for ignorance… However, it is hurtful.
🙌🏻➡️You are FEELING anxious, you don’t have anxiety. In the same way as you’re FEELING depressed, you don’t have depression. Those little, small differences for some people mean the world. So educate yourself on it, ask questions to people. Believe them when they tell you they’re in pain. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

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