Repost 📷 @jaynehardy_ REFLECT// When we go through periods of…

Repost 📷 @jaynehardy_

REFLECT// When we go through periods of gnarliness, try new things or steep learning curves, we can feel uncomfortable in the unease of it all. This year has been a bit like that for me; I’ve not been able to hit my stride, rest on my laurels nor catch a breath and with that, comes a sense of not doing nor being enough. Of not having the tools or knowledge I need. Of feeling out of my depth.

But, it’s the gnarliness, the new things and the steep learning curves that help us to create new tools, to lean-in to learning and the lessons, and also, make us dig deeper than we ever felt was possible to get through the thing. When we feel out of our depth, we can choose to wade back into shallower waters and to kickback and take a breathe to ramp up self-care. Or to stop and ask for help.

So, with that mega-reframe, I can reflect and see that this stuff has made me stronger, better equipped and has forced my hand in some boundary-making and self-care routines. Which is blimmin’ brill.

With that, I’m going to high five you all for doing good too, and cartwheel back into CRM research.


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