Repost 📷 @frizzkidart Today’s affirmation art: Note to self,…

Repost 📷 @frizzkidart

Today’s affirmation art: Note to self, practice saying this: I am so proud of myself 💖💖💖 Sometimes I feel like a scruffy dirty little opossum that gets overwhelmed by things easily and is rooting around in the ground trying to make change and do awesome things. I’m lucky that I have friends that remind me to feel proud of myself. So I encourage y’all to practice saying this to yourself as well. Be proud of yourself for getting out of bed, doing the chores, being there for your friends, trying new things, trying to make ends meet even when it feels like you’re not doing enough. Allow yourself to congratulate yourself, to take pride in your skills and accomplishments. Girls and femmes, how many mediocre dudes in your life have overwhelming pride and arrogance while you second guess your skills? I am proud of you! I’m proud of myself!

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