Repost 📷 @freckledchronicoles January 4th. We went to Delft…

Repost 📷 @freckledchronicoles

January 4th. We went to Delft and then The Hague. The downside of my BPD is taking its toll today. I’m a shell of a human being. I feel empty. I am walking around and seeing things that aren’t feeling real. Even I don’t feel real. I barely remember anything that happened today. I took something the wrong way/worse than it probably was or even intended but that was enough. I feel invisible. I feel invalidated. I don’t have feelings per se. I feel numb. I do have little fleeting moments of laughter and some of utter annoyance. I want to shut off. Today has been so challenging and we still have a few fun things to do so I’ll forcefully smile for the camera so I have something pleasant to look back on. Normally, pre-diagnosis, I would be trying a lot harder to please people around me with a smile but now, my friends know and I hope they can understand a bit that it’s not easy.“

“Smile for the camera! Click to read more about my mental health today. ⬇️

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