Repost 📷 @bpd.mgt Shocking as it sounds, we always deserve to…

Repost 📷 @bpd.mgt

Shocking as it sounds, we always deserve to be loved. It’s our basic human right to be treated by compassion and kindness. Of course, you can’t force anyone to treat you the way you deserve it but you can definitely be kind and loving towards yourself, no matter what. Nobody can take this away from you. Kindness sometimes means to stop bashing yourself, stop allowing your brain’s worst case scenario fearing negativity to take over. Other times, this self kindness means to remove yourself from situations or relationships that are not making you happy. Being kind to yourself also means that you know what you need and you drive to meet your own needs. It’s the hardest to be self compassionate when we feel we don’t “deserve” it. This feeling of not feeling worthy of anyone’s love including our own comes from a place of shame. Being ashamed of who we are. But we always deserve to be loved, at least by ourselves. We don’t need to deserve it. Remember this. Don’t let your shame stop you from giving yourself the love, care and compassion that you deserve. #bpd #borderline #bpdrecpvery #bpdproblems #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #mentalhealthawareness #selflove #bpdawareness #selfcare #selfcompassion #bpdquotes #lifequotes #quotes #happiness #happinessquotes #mentalhealth

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