Repost 📷 @bpd.mgt I am a high functioning bpd and an over…

Repost 📷 @bpd.mgt

I am a high functioning bpd and an over achiever which means I often move the goal post when I achieve a goal that I worked hard for. This constant charging ahead without any stops of appreciation may get me some things but ultimately it burns me out and makes me very unhappy on the long run. I realised that fear of failure and the sense of not feeling worthy or enough are the two key driving forces. This makes me sad. I do everything in life to get appreciation from others and deep down feeling unworthy of everything? This doesn’t sound like a route to happiness or recovery. It’s not self love. Stopping and appreciating my achievements and all the good things I have in my life is vital. Some say do this every morning but I think it’s good enough effort to do it as regularly as you can. No pressure. It does help. Today I’m in nature, walking around in great weather, taking in the beautiful autumn views and I’m as grateful as I can be. #bpd #borderline #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #bpdproblems #borderlinepersonality #bpdrecovery #bpdawareness #dbt #cbt #recovery #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #selflove #selfcare #gratitude #gratitudejournal

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