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“You lose 50-150 strands of hair a day, you shed 10 billion flakes of skin a day, every 28 days you get completely new skin, and every 9 years your entire body is renewed… and yet, your body, in the midst of this relentless shedding and dying and changing and renewing, remembers to be you.

Strand by strand, flake by flake, atom by atom.

Your body is made up of around 75 trillion cells. Every one of those cells containing hundreds of thousands of molecules with 6 feet of dna in every cell, containing over 3 billion letters of coding. These cells are a potent blend of matter and memory, bones and hair and blood and teeth, and at the same time, personality and essence and predispositions and habits.

You are an exotic combination of matter and memory with a fine line in between. Millions of cells drifting through the universe, assembled and configured and finely tuned at this second to be you, but inevitably moving on in the next second to be other things and other people.. .

You are a pattern, moving through time. Constantly changing and yet precisely consistent.” – @realrobbell
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