Repost 📷 @b.oakman *SWIPE RIGHT* I think about this a lot. The…

Repost 📷 @b.oakman

*SWIPE RIGHT* I think about this a lot. The coexistence and clashing and complementary emotions and circumstances that we experience.

JOY. In my darker seasons, I sometimes felt like I couldn’t or shouldn’t feel joy. The suffering was heavy. The loss was great. It was the constant. It almost didn’t seem right to have joy. But I found in trying to do so, there was more peace, more healing, more perspective outside of my own pain. It is a learning process.

CONTENTMENT. Being content and pursuing your goals can seem like opposites. They aren’t. I think they compliment eachother so well and help us stay present and have gratitude, even when we are in pursuit of goals/dreams/a change. This has instrumental for me to experience more happiness and peace in my life.

HEALING. Oh man. The hills and valleys. I love the quote “healing is not linear”. How incredibly discouraging it can be to stumble or feel like we are taking a step backwards as we heal and grow. I think that can present a great else in opportunity. It can help us reevaluate the situation and becoming more resilient. Try not to let the discouragememt derail you, the journey is not over and it is oh so bright.

MOVING ON. This can be framed in so many ways. Sometimes it’s hard to move on from our current circumstance or a loss or even from a person when we have much invested and many memories. Heart things and emotions run do deep into who we are. I think there is something beautiful about honouring something or someone in your life while still being able to continue forward when it’s time.

I can’t do each line much justice in a caption but it’s something to ponder. Do any of these resonate with you?

I decided to make my words more pretty by using some of @floortje.louise gorgeous photographs. Check out her profile for more! #boakman

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