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🌱Learning to practice body awareness can help prevent anxiety rising, thoughts getting out of control and panic and teach you about your body.
🌱I love this term “checking in with yourself”
Sometimes we can be in a situation and not know what it’s doing to us, be in a state of negative thought and not feel what it brings to our body’s. We can be so used to being stressed, so used to anothers behaviour, so used to holding in an emotion that we don’t see what it is doing to our health, we become overwhelmed and in that state of anxiety and stress, we feel we can’t see a solution.
🌱What you can do?
Start noticing when you are feeling stressed and anxious, in what situation and around which people?
Regularly practice checking in with yourself several times a day.
Am i feeling stressed?
Where am i tense?
Am i holding my breath?
Am I holding in an emotion?
Are my thoughts kind to myself?
Is this situation stressful?
Who am I with?
Have I had a break?
Have I been in the same position for a while?
Have I been indoors for a while?
Am I tired?
Have I drunk enough water?
🌱This will help you to see and feel anxiety before it gets out of hand to put in a little relaxation 5 mins to bring it right down and to learn about your life and where change would be a help to you.
🌱In finding a cause you can then find a solution.
🌱Never think that you will never be able to make a change, there is always something you can do, you may just need to be supported.
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