Repost 📷 @alonetogetherproject There’s so much pressure to do…

Repost 📷 @alonetogetherproject

There’s so much pressure to do what’s expected and succeed and be better and faster and stronger and smarter. But you need to do what YOU want with your life. Your parents, spouses, grandparents, aunts & uncles, they had their shot. They have their own canvas of life that they can paint however you want. You need you paint yourself a life you’re passionate about. Whether that’s working a 9-5 job and being a secretary or being the CEO of Google or enlisting in the military or being an artist and living in a loft in New York City, you gotta do you. Yes, money is necessary to live. Yes, supporting your family is important. Yes, being successful is nice. But it won’t mean anything to you unless you’re passionate about your life. Unless you enjoy your life. When you live for someone else, you’ll find yourself hating your desk job, going home and feeling unfulfilled, waking up and wondering what to do with yourself. Your happiness, is JUST as important as your financial security and your success and your family. Be a doctor, be an artist, be a soldier, be an explorer, be a mechanic, do what YOU want to do. The day you start living for you, life will seem a little brighter 🖤

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National Suicide Hotline (available 24/7): 1-800-273-8255

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