Repost 📷 @abovethesilence @lvndrmoon // “I’m Jana, I’m 23 years…

Repost 📷 @abovethesilence

@lvndrmoon // “I’m Jana, I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Germany. I’ve been suffering from a mental illness for about 10 years now. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and I still struggle with my emotions. I started to build up a system of different personality parts in my mind to cope with everything, because it’s so exhausting. Sure, my happy times are extremely happy, but my bad times are extreme as well. I was suicidal and fought with self-harm, but I overcame those things. I know I will have to live with BPD for the rest of my life. But that’s okay because it opens up my mind. For me, it’s important to accept having a mental illness so you can start working on yourself. That is key! I learned a lot about myself and life in the last years, and I appreciate it so much. You don’t need to fight the battle alone. It’s so strong to be able to reach out for help, and I hope you do that when you really need it. That’s what I did & it saved my life. I got medication when I was 18, and I still take it. Also getting my cat and dog in 2016/2017 was important to me. I wouldn’t wanna leave them, so I stay strong for them because they’re worth it. Stay strong and keep fighting. You owe it to yourself, and I know you’ll make it.”

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