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Repost 🎨@thepositivitypages

when you’re struggling with your mental health it can be easy to focus on all the things you cant do, everything you find hard and the difficulties caused by it. But can we just take a minute to realise what you ARE doing. You are living every day EVEN THOUGH your mind is ill. You are building strength, bravery, determination. You are fighting and that is amazing because it can be so easy to give up, just stop trying. Every time you do something scary, every time you test that voice in your head thats telling you all those terrible things you are WINNING. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. Thats absolutely amazing. Celebrate the small steps. Call yourself brave, you earn it every day. Even IF you try to do something scary and don’t manage it that is still brave, still worth giving yourself credit for because you did your best and thats enough. Please don’t beat yourself up for all the ‘attempts’ because one day they will build up and turn into successes

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