Repost 🎨@howdoyouadult I wanted to share with you all a…

Repost 🎨@howdoyouadult

I wanted to share with you all a resource for navigating your human-ness: “You Are Not A Rock” by @markwfreeman. (If it’s not obvious, this doodle was inspired by said work). ⁣

We live in a universe where we’re supposed to be the most correct and most right and most put together and most poised and most OK all the time. That’s an incredible amount of stress that tends to manifest itself in the form of unhealthy coping mechanisms, compulsive behavior, or complete and total withdrawal from the world. That stress affects me: I feel the weight of everything I’m supposed to be and everything I’m supposed to be doing on my shoulders all the time. ⁣

But. I’m not a rock. I’m going to feel that weight. I’m going to bend and wobble and fail a thousand times trying to figure out how to manage my very human feelings about everything around me. ⁣

You aren’t a rock either. Whatever (or whoever) you’re battling, I highly recommend picking up Mark’s book. The illustration itself is cute: “Of course I’m not a rock!” But he delves into how we tend to treat ourselves like cold, lifeless, immobile, rigid objects. ⁣

“I wish I didn’t feel so much.”⁣

“I’m disappointing everyone around me.”⁣

“I’m so stupid for getting my hopes up.”⁣

“I should be happy with where I’m at.”⁣

You’re going to feel feelings. You’re going to live life. You’re going to cry and laugh and eat and sleep and poop and vomit and all of these things that a rock can’t do. You’re human. This is me encouraging you to get more comfortable with that fact. You’re malleable and moveable and capable of creating your own momentum. ⁣

You are not a rock. ⁣

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