Repost 🎨 @spoonie_village Self love isn’t selfish……

Repost 🎨 @spoonie_village

Self love isn’t selfish… often the notion of loving yourself is met with guilt, not wanting to appear full of yourself and questions over what you can love about yourself right?
It’s easy to see the good in other people, pick out their best bits and praise them, give compliments but I bet if I said to compliment yourself right now many people would just either go blank or feel wrong for choosing something they like about themselves… well this post is here to tell you who loving yourself isn’t selfish. In fact it’s here to tell you why you should love yourself more. Basically, the more you love the more love is created. We’ve all heard the sayings you can pour from an empty cup etc and this is no different. When we love and accept ourselves for who we are right now, who we have been and who we are yet to be it opens us up to more love. The capacity to be loved by others increases and the love we have to give to others grows too. It’s difficult I know, it’s not an overnight thing it takes times and chipping away of all the things you’ve told yourself or beat yourself up over but slowly slowly with small steps we can all walk the path of self love together. Remember you are not alone in this, you’re part of this Spoonie Village and we welcome everyone to love themselves more and with the theme of the calendar for 2019 self love is going to be a topic you’ll hear more and more of here! So let’s embrace self love and support one another as we do! 💖
So quick exercise for you… if you’re feeling brave comment below a compliment you’d give yourself today if you were a friend of yours. (P.s this isn’t just about appearance or personality… it’s about loving all of you!) Let’s start loving ourselves right here right now 💖

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