Repost 🎨 @spoonie_village Here they are! Beginning on the 1st…

Repost 🎨 @spoonie_village

Here they are! Beginning on the 1st January the prompts for #loveyourselfmore2019 instagram challenge. Feel free to share on your account or with others you think might enjoy taking part
There’s no pressure to it all, dip in and out if it’s easier, take part on the grid or in your stories, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Just use the hashtag so you can connect with other people doing it and I can have a nosey at all your posts! There will be a story template available each day for you to fill in if it’s easier but again there’s no pressure to use them either!
Can’t wait to see all your posts, I’ve released the prompts now to give you some thinking time because I can guarantee there are people thinking I can’t think of good things about me, but guess what, they exist!
Remember this isn’t about people showing off, feeling big headed or boasting. Self love is different to that, it is about self acceptance and self approval. The thing is, self love is a process, it takes time and it isn’t going to happen overnight. You will take steps forward, steps back and also not have clue what steps you are taking to be completely honest, but the important thing is you’re trying and if you’re trying then you’re already winning! So why not take some time to kick start the year by working on just that and loving yourself more with the challenge prompts!

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