Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains CN talk of self harm/addiction . This…

Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains

CN talk of self harm/addiction
This is a really important tool for coping with self harm and other kinds of urges, including bulimia (and other ed related behaviours) ,other addictions like drug use, alcohol, gambling and then also for other impulse control problems like #trichotillomania and #dermotillomania. .
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[visual description: a hand drawn illustration of the ocean waves. It has a pink circular border. The waves are crashing but are rainbow colour reflecting the sun above. The sky is blue and written in the sky it says “my emotions and urges are like ocean waves, they crash and flood, they settle. They can be calm. Low tide always returns.] #selfharm #recoveryispossible #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealth #mindfulness #addictionrecovery #selfharmrecovery

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