Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains Really feeling this at the moment….

Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains

Really feeling this at the moment. Especially as my ‘urgent’ referral for a physical test got lost and I’ve had to be rereferred and everyone is blaming each other (the GP, the referral service and the hospital). I don’t know, it’s so frustrating. I looked up earlier just how much it would cost to go private and it’s at least £2000… not including the treatment after. We have the NHS here in the UK which is free, but it’s also at breaking point with long waiting lists, lost referrals, burnt out staff and desperately underfunded… I still believe though that healthcare should be free for all. .
[visual description: a digital drawing of Hannah resting her chin on her hand. She has ginger hair in a plait. The end of her hair is green. She has black glasses, lilac skin and a pink shirt. The back ground is blue. She has a yellow thought bubble which says “dreaming of accessible free healthcare”]

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