Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains – CN: suicide. So today is…

Repost 🎨 @makedaisychains –

CN: suicide. So today is #BlueMonday , apparently the saddest day of the year because it’s after the holidays, people haven’t been paid yet (if you have a job) so low on money, diets have failed (yuck) and it’s Monday. (Personally I’m not sure if blue Monday is real, however it’s a good opportunity to talk about mental health. ) #BrewMonday is a campaign organised by @samaritanscharity , a charity in the UK who you can phone and email when you feel low and suicidal. They suggest getting together to have a cup of tea and have a catch up. It’s a good opportunity to to talk about suicide. It is possible to survive suicidal feelings. If you are having suicidal feelings please tell someone or phone: 116123 (uk) or email: mailto:[email protected] @samaritanscharity – suicide doesn’t end the pain, it passes it on. If you feel at imminent risk, go to A&E (ER). It is a medical emergency. I have experienced suicidal feelings at points in my life and it was very scary, but I got through and realised I just wanted to stop feeling awful, not that I wanted to die. I was able to get help and things improved. 🌻🌻

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