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Radical acceptance. Sometimes the path out of Hell, is to go through it. Emotions and situations can be hard to feel, but if we resist them we stay stuck. If we want to find our way through, it is important to accept situations as they are, accept our emotions as they are. Radical acceptance. Accept all the way, with mind and body.

I found radical acceptance hard to explain, if the above doesn’t make sense, please tell me!

Visual description – drawing of Naomi, half of he image Naomi looks angry and has a grey top on. She is holding her hand out rejecting the words “rejecting reality does not change reality” which is being struck by lightening. The other half of Naomi is calm whilst a tear runs down her face. She is holding the words “in order to change, first we have to accept” the sun is out on this half of the image. The text above reads “radical acceptance”

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