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Repost 🎨 @glitterygnomie

Diagnosis doesn’t Define.
Did you know that there are 256 combinations of symptoms that can lead to someone being diagnosed with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder?
There are 9 different ‘symptoms’ that make up EUPD. To have a diagnosis you have to meet at least 5 of the symptoms. Because we are all individual, even within a diagnosis.
Not everyone with eupd self harms,
Not everyone with eupd stuggles with relationships.
Not everyone with eupd feels empty.
Not everyone with eupd struggles with impulsivity.
Not everyone with eupd.
we are not [insert typical pd stigma here]. We are all so different. We are all individuals, just like everyone without a diagnosis.

[visual description: drawing of Naomi who is white with orange hair. She is surrounded by lots of drawings of other faces. Everyone is wearing T-shirts of different colours that say “256” on them. Underneath it says “Diagnoss doesn’t Define”. Shelly the tortoise is stood next to Naomi.] •
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