Repost 🎨 @glitterygnomie Calling myself out on this after the…

Repost 🎨 @glitterygnomie

Calling myself out on this after the past week

I love you ❤️ I hate you 💔 So what is it like to live with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD)? … Relationships can be HARD. Unstable and intense relationships can often be seen, alternating between extreme idealisation and devaluation. It feels as if one person is your world, they are all you need, all you want, they can do no wrong and you cannot function without them… And then something changes… they are ALL bad, they cannot get anything right, you hate them and you never want to see them again… however extreme this may sound, this can be the reality for people with EUPD. For me personally, I know I have had some very intense relationships, I would have done anything they asked of me. However, when a conflict has occurred, these relationships have soon been destroyed by my actions. Devaluing the person, turning into anger which I took out on myself, and giving up on ever repairing the relationship.

There are 9 diagnostic criteria for EUPD, and most people in their lives will show traits of EUPD. HOWEVER this does not mean that you have EUPD. To be diagnosed you must meet at least 5 of the criteria and you should always speak to a health professional if you think you do.

[visual description: drawing of two Naomi’s. One has a thought bubble saying “I love you” and is looking up at another girl stood on top of a pedestal. The other Naomi has a thought bubble saying “I hate you” with her back turned to the girl falling from a crumbling pedestal”

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