Repost 🎨 @frizzkidart Today’s affirmation art: How much I eat…

Repost 🎨 @frizzkidart

Today’s affirmation art: How much I eat during the holiday season is my own business (or any other time for that matter)🎄🥧 As much as you may care about someone’s health and well-being, body shaming is not the way to show you care. Consider this, most folks who body shame likely wouldn’t monitor the food intake of a thin person, even if they were always eating junk food. Shaming what a person eats or how much they eat is not OK. Conversations about a persons health happen in different and PRIVATE environments, not via unsolicited “health” advice at the dinner table, online, or in any kind of manner that is clearly meant to make a person feel shame and guilt about their body and their appetite. Weight is not necessarily an indicator of health so mind your own beeswax 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Yes I’ll have a slice of pie thank you ✌🏼 #art #artist #affirmation #illustration #holidays #christmas #bodyposi #bodypositive #feministart #feminist #stopfatshaming #bodypositive #torontoartist

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