Repost 🎨 @crazyheadcomics my generalized anxiety disorder…

Repost 🎨 @crazyheadcomics

my generalized anxiety disorder makes me a catastrophic thinker. i’m quick to imagine the worst possible outcome for any and all situations i find myself in, and it makes life stressful at times. oftentimes i create issues out of nothing, because my anxiety tells me i’m in danger by starting a flight or fight response, and even though i cannot see any actual danger, i look for it. because my body tells me to run. because my mind tells me that something is wrong. i guess it’s logical in my ill brain, but it’s not very logical to the people outside of my head. i have been trying to untangle my catastrophic thoughts in therapy for years, and i’ve learnt a lot. i’m planning to make a whole post about all the ways i stop myself from catastrophic thinking, but for now i thought i’d share the first step i take. i ask myself if my thoughts are coming from my rational part of my brain, or the mental illness part of my brain. i put aside my emotions and try to look at my anxiety through a logical lens. the more you do this the better you will become a differentiating the two. it’s definitely an uphill battle but now i can actually manage to stop these thoughts sometimes. if you struggle with this, be on the lookout for my future post about different coping strategies. take care my lovelies 💌 •

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