Remember: You define how you take care of yourself. ⛵✨➡️ “For so…

Remember: You define how you take care of yourself. ⛵✨➡️ “For so many years, I was convinced that I was already doing the best I could to ‘take care of myself.’ I thought that where I was at in life with my mental health, how I coped with stress, how I dealt with difficult days, was doing well enough and maybe even as good as it gets.

I told myself I ‘deserved’ the wine that numbed my feelings, only for them to creep back up another day. I ‘rewarded’ myself with retail therapy only to worry about the bills and debt the following week. I ‘treated myself’ with sugar and lattes, not connecting that it propelled my fatigue and anxiety.

I sought pleasure, gratification, and distraction, and indulged in all these harmless little things that no one could fault and weren’t inherently bad. But the culmination of them kept me exactly where I was. It may have soothed me for a moment, but left me to sink deeper and deeper into the struggles I stood in before. I had to choose for myself: did I want to spin in circles, keeping myself anchored in the same place I am now? Or did I want to hoist the sails and steer my ship and actually leave my current state of well-being behind and embark towards better, healthier days?

The storms of life are often not easy, but I hope whatever your self care is, it helps you harness the waves.”
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