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    Hey, so I was looking for a safe place to chat with other moms with bpd, and see how they cope, and what their challenges are. Upon looking for info about mothers with bpd, all I could really find was info for people who survived having a mother with bpd… Which in itself is unnerving, because then I worry that I’m gonna screw up my kid too… So, hello.. I hope we can get a few moms in here to have some conversation ❤️

    • i was also unnerved by the amount of info i saw from people who “survived” having a mother with BPD. i’m a new mom, my son is only 14 months old, but what i can tell you is, we are capable of feeling the most intense of feelings and the most important one we can ever feel is love, and we love HARD. so that’s a positive. try not to pay attention to the stigma’s surrounding being a parent with BPD. we might have a harder time with it but it’s more rewarding to us than it is for others, focus on that. you won’t screw up your kid, you’ll do the best you can and that’s all your little one could ever ask for, a mom who tries and doesn’t stop trying. keep that in mind. you are doing great mama, i’m here if you want to talk.

      • Thank you. My son is 2.5yrs now, and it’s been difficult, every day. I try, and I feel like I’m failing, but I think that’s just in my head.. I’m medicated, have been a long time, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, and it really does help with my incredible up’s and downs.. Honestly, sometimes I wish I did feel more, because I feel like I’m missing out on the incrediblly intense emotions I once felt. I know staying medicated is the best option, but still,i feel like I’m missing something..

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