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    Hello! How are you guys? Me, I’m kind of just done few minutes ago with my tantrums. I’m just so lucky I have a very understanding and loving boyfriend. I was accussing him of cheating on me. I dont know why I am doing this to him because I know he is a good guy. I was aware that I was hurting him and I know how good he is as a person and I know that he is not cheating on me but I dont know why I keep on saying things that are not true and accussing him of cheating. When I am already calm I feel really bad. I feel like I am a bad person. My heart hurts for him. What should I do? Have you experienced like this too? If yes, what do you usually do that helps you calm and divert things? I need help. 🙁 Thank you.

    • Hey violet, I’m a bit angry myself writing this so…
      I’m sure he’s not perfect but very insightful of you to come here to reflect.
      BPD sometimes catches you in its grips but remember you’re only human and your emotions are there for good reason ps I often have tantrums too so don’t you worry you certainly aren’t alone in displaying this behavior, it is very common when you have BPD due to the emotion regulation difficulty, the 1st step towards self improvement is self reflection and it seems to me that you’ve got that bit down to a T! x

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