“Life happens and all too often not how we expect it to….

“Life happens and all too often not how we expect it to. Sometimes we need to shift our plans. Maybe everyone got sick in your family and you’ll need to stay home instead of attending a holiday party. If feelings of disappointment arise, take a bit of time to sit with them and offer yourself some compassion, then open yourself to new possibilities like enjoying a movie or cozying up with a book. If feelings of guilt arise, take a moment to express the loss that you’re feeling to the people who are impacted by the change and then try to let it go. We can’t control everything.
Lessons learned from the Calm team:

Jade: One holiday, my entire family got sick and it totally wrote off our plans! With humor in the shared experience, all of us laying on the sofa drinking electrolytes, we ended up still having a nice time together, and it’s an oddly comforting memory.

Christi-an: My sisters end up spending time that we used to spend together with their in-laws. At first I felt a little sad and abandoned. Now I take the opportunity to rest, or connect with my parents, or enjoy a good book!

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