“Have you ever tried to fit into a pair of pants that were…

“Have you ever tried to fit into a pair of pants that were too small? You know they’re too tight but you will the fabric to magically adjust to your body. You do that shimmy- jump-hold your breath as if gravity is going to throw you a bone on this one. Nope. Not happening. Le sigh. We are faced with the truth: the pants are too small. They (we) no longer fit.

This happen in life, too.

Have you ever felt claustrophobic during season of your life? As if the walls are closing in, as if you desparently need to undo the top button of life for comfort? We often resist this feeling, trying to make small alterations so everything aligns but as it happens, sometimes we need more space. More avenues of creativity. More support. More time to think. Less routine and more unknown.

If we think the confining life is uncomfortable, the expanding isn’t necessarily any better, at first. There are growing pains and adjustments. There is loss and awkward first impressions. But there-in lies the space you need. It is there. And you are worthy of it. Your WHOLE being.


Whole comes from the Old English word, ‘hal’. It means words like ‘entire, safe, healthy, genuine, complete’. How freakin beautiful is that? You cannot grow and necessarily expect that this expansion of you will just fit neatly into all your current space, but that isn’t a bad thing. Take it as a sign of healing. Progress. Second chances. Feeling more complete.

I see you, and your light is remarkable.”

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