Author: Andrea Hocking

Repost 📷 @edgyxtoaster This also applies to friends, spouses…

Repost 📷 @edgyxtoaster This also applies to friends, spouses and family. One of the most hurtful things I hear so often is “well you were fine yesterday.” Or “you were fine just a few minutes ago!” “I can’t believe you don’t remember that.” Sometimes I have to live life minuet by minuet and guess what? That’s perfectly fine! I choose to live life at my own pace. I choose to love myself more and pu... »

Repost 📷 @cultivating.kindness.xo Mental illness is HARD….

Repost 📷 @cultivating.kindness.xo Mental illness is HARD. Having a day today. Flashbacks. Numbness with droplets of overwhelming emotions. Confusion. No motivation. I’m part of an ocean, with no control in this storm – swaying, thrashing, the undertow taking hold. I also am water – fluidity, beautiful, peaceful and fresh. We can be many things at once. Today I am grateful for this four... »

Repost 📷 @la_mor_na Happy Saturday! Today I’m editing a video…

Repost 📷 @la_mor_na Happy Saturday! Today I’m editing a video for my YouTube channel that I filmed earlier this week! 🤓 Its all about the negative effects changing rooms can have on our mental health 🤯 . Whether it be body image issues, social anxiety, spending problems or claustrophobia, changing rooms are often a horrendous place to be 🙈 . I went round some of the best and worst and tried not to... »

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