“A simple self-care checklist for every day. 〰️ It’s not…

“A simple self-care checklist for every day.
It’s not all bath bombs and candles -the most mundane daily activities can be our biggest acts of self-care. They are the solid foundations that allow us to nurture and appreciate our mental well-being.
Of course some days are easier than others, even when it comes to these most basic tasks.
Depending on our mental and physical health, the things we have going on at home or work, finances, or time constraints, some things on this seemingly simple list may even feel impossible.
Other days we could sail through them all (and even have time to post our facemask selfies on Instagram too ☺️). 〰️
Do your best to look after yourself. Tick off what you can.
You matter 💖
. ~ I’ve written more on this in a blog post, link in bio if you fancy a read ~” – Repost 🎨 @stacieswift

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